Health Gadgets

New Picture (1)Advancements are taking place in every field of life out there, and technology is now playing a vital role not only in all other fields of life but also in the field of Health and Medical. The intensive use of technology gives rise to a new field called Medical technology. This came into existence through the combination of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and Information technology and includes how technology can be implemented in health products as well as health instruments. Health and fitness gadgets are some of the hottest items on the market right now. Continue reading

Use of Technology to Assist Mental Health Issues

Mental HealthDespite the unparalleled number of people living with mental health issues all around the world, only one-third of those in need of treatment seek professional help. Undoubtedly, traditional psychotherapy is effective for many, however, in this technological era, some mental health professionals are searching actively for new treatment procedures for making mental health care more accessible for the general people. Continue reading

Top 10 for 2015 – 2018

Where do you think technology will take us over the next few years?

From a business perspectivethe following will be priorities:

  • Security – Security of mobile devices
  • Mobile device Management – Depolying mobile device is the highest proirity
  • Big data – Change business requirements and the ability to respond quickly to changing requirements.

3D printing and wearables are seen more as a fad and will not be as relevant moving forward. Continue reading

The Next Big Thing

40993203 If you were to think what the next big thing would be, what would you answer?

Wearable technology such as Google Glass? Advances in Health technologies such as 3D printing of body parts?

Just think 5-10 years ago what your computer or mobile phone would look like. Fixed line phones were still the norm, these days mobile phones are the norm and besides this the mobile phone now has your email, photos and lot’s of great applications that keep you connected 24×7.
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Data Centre outages

With both cyber attacks and the costs of data center outages rising, there is an immediate need for businesses to secure proper technology and safeguard data. This need was highlighted in a recent study, the “2013 Study on Data Center Outages,” in which 34 percent of respondents cited cyber attacks as a cause for data center downtime, compared to just 15 percent in 2010. Continue reading

PaaS – Powering a New Era of Business IT

Cloud computing services have become an integral part of many organisation’s enterprise IT strategies. In the last 12 months, platform as a service (PaaS) has become one of the fastest growing areas of all cloud computing services with analyst firms like Gartner and IDC predicting sharp uptakes in PaaS adoption. Continue reading